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​Piercing aftercare pics & info
 ​We offer all types of piercings here at lake geneva tattoo from mild to wild. See why we are the top piercing shop in southern wisconsin. Piercings start at 20 dollars and jewlery is included in that price. We also carry aftercare for you to make sure you have what you need to take care of your investment. Every piercing is done with sterile and packaged jewlery and equipment .

 Piercing Care

 ​Always wash hands first ! Once in the morning and once in the evening you will be using a deep cleaning antimicrobial soap to clean your piercing, this is best done in the shower. keep the water warm to open the pores around the piercing and to get the crusty white blood cells a jelly like consistency. DO NOT PICK THEM OFF  WITH YOUR FINGER NAILS!!!!! apply a small amount of soap to the entry end exit hole lather the jewlery and gently rotate jewlery through piercing hole back and forth . Get back under the water and repeat the same motion to rid the area of dead cell tissue and any foreign matter.

​You will also be using a saline spray 3 times during the day . Point spray at piercing holes top and bottom and give it a spray.

​You will also be doing a sea salt soak. This will help oxygenize the piercing and the inside tissue as well as promote new cell growth. Go to the nearest grocery and pick up 8oz plastic cups and distilled water and a purified sea salt. Every night right before bed take a quarter tea spoon of sea salt no more and add warm water to cup and soak the piercing for 15 min. During this time very gently rotate the jewlery a few times.

​Enjoy your new piercing and tell all your fiends that at Lake Geneva Tattoo & Piercing, your health and well being are our #1 concern!

​1 Never use Dial Anti-Bacterial soap! It is shit!
​2 Never touch with your hands unless cleaning!
3 Never rotate unless cleaning!
4 Never use Dial Anti-Bacterial soap! It is still shit!
​5 Do not change jewlery until fully healed!
​6 Never use Dial Anti Bacterial soap! Why? It is still shit!
​7 If you go swimming, Bring fresh water to rinse your piercing!
​8 If you have any questions call the shop! Do not ask friends!
​9 The reason not to use Dial Anti-Bacterial soap is because its killing your resident bacteria which your body needs to keep you healthy. So...........if someone tells you to use Dial soap they don't  know their ass from a hole in the ground.

​Enjoy your piercing and tell all of your friends that at Lake Geneva Tattoo & Piercing, your health and well being is our #1 concern.

     Oral after care

 ​For lip, tongue piercings rinsemouth with non alcohol mouth rinse after eating drinking and smoking . Smoking is frowned upon! first couple days eat soft foods . warm salt rinses before bed are also recommended .​ Crushed ice will also aid in keeping down swelling.
​1 DO NOT kiss till healed.
​2 DO NOT perform oral sex till healed.
​3 DO NOT talk to much or stick your tongue out it has two major muscles in it the more you move it the more it will swell.
4 DO NOT drink out of a straw it causes a vacumm and keep piercing from healing.

 Nose piercing

 ​Clean outside of nose twice a day morning and night using antimicrobial soap only on the outside of your nose lather and rinse. The inside of your nose clean with saline. Every night before bed do a sea salt soak for ten minutes.

1 DO NOT snort you know what while piercing is healing.